Windows 10 and Audacity 2.1.2
At the end of the last song I get the same silence gap of 5 seconds regardless of whether I place the cursor at the end of the last song and delete the grey area defined by cursor to track end or use some combination of split delete and delete using cursor to track end. This relates to the finished wave form that is ready for export.

This exported last song can be placed anywhere in a finished playlist ready to be burned on a CD.

Assuming that the songs in the wave form have been prepared with a split delete one second silence gap between them, does this 5 second silence period at the end of the last song extend the silence gap between it and the next song in the playlist when the playlist is burned on a CD? If so, does Audacity have a procedure to adjust the silence length at the end of the last song in the project?

Do you see a flat blue line (silent audio) or empty gray space?

When you export the file a flat blue line will be exported as silence, but any “empty space” won’t be added to the file (and it won’t “play” in Audacity.

Any white (empty) space after the start of the Audacity track will be exported as silence.

@blairhansler: What export command exactly are you using? It sounds like you are only exporting one audio file instead of a file for each song as would be more usual. If you export one file for each song then the CD burner setting decides the gap between each song.

You should not be exporting five seconds silence at the end if the track ends where the last song ends.


Thank you for your reply.

I usually export multiple songs as one project using the Export Multiple command.

I have now resolved the issue of silence between songs and at the end of the last song so it works well.