Left/Right channels from Stanton T92USB look identical

I just bought a Stanton T92 USB turntable and when I tried to record the first vinyl discs with Audacity I found out that while the audio output is stereo the audio waveline of both left and right channels look 100% identical, like the disc was mono. All the records I tried had “Stereo” printed on the label, not just “Stereo Compatible”, I also tried increasing the needle pressure to 4g and cleaning the needle but nothing changed. What could be the cause of this issue?

<<<increasing the needle pressure to 4g>>>

That’s a good way to dig holes in your records. What was the original setting? Somewhere around 1 gram? You can put it back where it was. Stylus pressure does not affect separation.

Audacity Preferences > Audio I/O > Recording says 2 Channel (Stereo) right?

You can get an error like this if the wires inside the tone arm are damaged or missing. Try recording in Windows Sound Recorder and see if you get a stereo show.

Windows Sound Recorder
Start → Programs → Accessories → Entertainment

You can also start a recording without a record and instead gently thumb the stylus so you get a scratching, thumping sound. There’s no way that should come out mono.

Did you dig in the instructions on the off chance that the turntable has a mono function or setting?


The recommended setting sadly is between 2 and 4 grams. It’s a decent stylus but it requires a lot of pressure because it’s a DJ stylus. I was planning to replace it with a better stylus if everything worked fine.

Yes it’s 2 channel stereo.

I used cakewalk audio creator software that came with the turntable and the issue was still there so I don’t think it’s a software issue.

Yes, I tried that and both graphs still looked the same.

No, there’s no mono setting. I’m pretty sure at this point the turntable is broken, I called the Shop and I’m trying to get it replaced with a beautiful Technics 1200mk2.

Thanks a lot for the help and sorry if I answered so late but my I couldn’t post an answer due to the forum saying my IP was blacklisted.

<<<a beautiful Technics 1200mk2.>>>

Just one?


yes, it is strange…