learning audacity

i am getting ready to put the 13 books i have written on tape-- i am having trouble with the editing part of Audacity… is it possible to hire someone to give me one on one training. …

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That’s not usually the step that flummoxes people. Usually, people have trouble with live recording. Or are you trying to “clean up” your live recording in Audacity because you recorded it wrong?

Most of the forum elves are volunteering to do this part time, so this is already all of our down time. If someone posts with an interest, we will be more than happy to connect you—but don’t make coffee to sit and wait.

What is the goal and what are you starting with? We have some very serious tools to help people trying to post to ACX AudioBook. Knowing the real-world goal will tell us a lot.

I can sense you’d love me to point you to the YouTube instruction videos to get you going. No official ones, no. There are any number of third-party videos posted, but we gave up trying to moderate or correct them. A recent poster was all bubbly about his screen capture Audacity class. It was well recorded and we would be bubbly, too, if it didn’t have mistakes in it…and that’s the last we heard of him.

There are a couple of tasks you should perform no matter what you’re doing. How happy would you be if your hard drive crashed forever right now?

Open each one of your sessions, Export to WAV (Microsoft) and copy the resulting file to a backup drive or media. Never use MP3 anywhere in the production process.

Did I already wound you? Those are two very common mistakes.


I removed your contact information because it’s an insanely bad idea to post it on the forum. You don’t see it because we deal with it, but we’re a SPAM magnet.


That’s not to say we don’t have help. We do.


Scroll down to Tutorials.

That and when you do get stuck, post back with details. Details are good. We look at your question to answer it and to consider whether a change to the tutorial is needed.