Latest Update distorted audio

After the lastest update my audio isn’t clear anymore. I cannot change it. I have talked to other podcasters who have the same problem. It is lowering the podcast views and sounds unprofessional. When will they fix it. I have my audio at 48000 and I use a blue yeti mic. This just happened. I hate that you cannot hear me clearly and none of the editing is working to clear it. You can check it out at The C.S. Café. The audio for my recent three episodes are not like my previous episodes. I need help! attached is one of the episodes that have a distorted sound.

I can’t listen because I’m at work.

One of the most common problems is Windows “enhancements” trying to help.

Some other software (like Zoom?) sometimes turns it on, or a Windows update might do it. Audacity doesn’t mess with the Windows settings.

And make sure you haven’t changed the pick-up pattern on the Yeti.

I don’t even know how to check that part. How do I check the windows audio? My computer updated but after that glitch started happening. I updated Audacity before my last computer update. The playback audio is so terrible you can hear clear points but the whole audio is not clear on playback. I don’t even know where to begin.

The link tells you. On Windows 10 (which I’m on now) you can also access the audio settings by right-clicking the speaker/volume icon at the bottom right of the screen. Make you are checking/setting the settings for the USB mic. I think Win11 is the same.

Thank you I will check it after I get off and troubleshoot.

It sounds & looks like too much compression (with make-up gain) on the voice, (not on the music)

“audio enhancements” exist which compress the audio before it reaches Audacity, e.g. MaxxAudio, DTS, which are pre-installed on some computers.

Yeah that part but I don’t know how to fix it. I’m learning. It’s been a while since I had to troubleshoot editing. I will check the controls on my computer. My mic controls have never changed so they’re in the right position. I guess the computer got out of wack when it updated. It just started doing this.

Windows? I’m not a fan of making any changes, or letting anything make changes while you’re producing your show. I don’t think you can turn Windows Auto Update off, right? So if you offend the sound deities, you can break for lunch and have the computer non-responsive when you get back.

That brings us to not recording your voice on the computer. Can we assume your music beds came from somewhere and you imported them into your edit. So if something in the edit breaks, you can get the music again.

Not so your voice. In Audacity you can View > Show Clipping in Waveform and it will put little red spikes where the sound got too loud. I think that raspy, crunchy sound is permanent. The computer stopped following your voice.

Other options are stand-alone sound recorders, and even your iPhone. Lossless Voice Memo is not too shabby a way to capture your voice.

I did that with an iPhone on my desk in my quiet office. It passes audiobook standards.

The sound file on my phone is the backup if anything nasty happens to the edit.


Thanks for that. I finally fixed it. I thought it was my computer but the gains on my mic was turned up too high :woman_facepalming:t5: tragic :joy::rofl:

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