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Dear All,
Have been looking around but dont seem to see an obvious link. Where can I download the latest source code for Windows 11 environment? I am looking for Audacity 3.4 version or close to it. Some of the reason I need version 3 is so that I can read *.AUD3 projects…

I have visual Studio but am not adverse to compiling with another IDE/setup if that is easier.

Eventually need to add some Menu items, and I noticed when looking before that all of the classes for Menu etc. have changed…


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I have just uploaded what worked for me in the post above yours.

The source code can be found in Audacity ® | Downloads as well as Github.

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@toadybarker You may find my script useful. It grabs tools, code and builds, currently still 3.3.3 or latest but you can hack it.

Stevelee’s script was a big help but I just had to add an extra option to the cmake command line for the 3.4.2 released code that I used.

This is completely counter intuitive but for some reason without that setting ffmpeg is omitted from the program and the option to load it is missing from the preferences option. The result of that is that no common formats such as wav and flac cannot be opened or saved.

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That is strange. I changed the make target to include those features. Apparently that is the way to do it now. It fixed the ui issue you saw. No idea why turning it off should turn it on!

I’ll double check in case something rolled back.

Thanks for the feedback.

Ok… Thanks all for the suggestions. I will try it. Was away for the weekend so just getting back to this.

Thanks again, will let you know if I run into problems. Guess I was looking in the wrong place(s).

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