Latest Audacity on Windows 7

Just wondered if anyone is running the latest version (3.0.2) on Windows 7. I’ve installed without any noticeable issues, but wonder if I’m going to hit problems later on.

Anyone been using the latest version on seven ?



We no longer support Windows 7 because it is obsolete.
Audacity 3.0.2 “may” work on Windows 7, but there has been no official testing, and if you have problems you will probably be on your own to sort them out.

I would highly recommend updating to an operating system that is not obsolete, especially if it connects to the Internet.

My main system is not online, so not an issue. I need Win 7 on this system for some older software. I appreciate support will not be available, but just wondered if there were likely to be issues. if so I’ll revert to a legacy version.