Latency with Audacity 2

Hi, all,

I have used Audacity 1.26 and 1.3 beta with no latency issues, but after downloading 2, I am having latency problems.

I have tried the manual patch cable test but when I plugged in the cables I just got a buzzing noise!

I am using Windows XP, and downloaded the .exe installer and uninstalled the older versions.

Any help appreciated!

I am having latency problems.

You knew you had latency problems how? Computer delay is caused by very different things and some of them can’t be fixed. Actual Recording Latency is a setting inside Audacity and nobody is shocked if you changed Audacity and that setting changed.

Did you go through the Recording Latency setting with the old Audacity, or did the natural setting seem to work?



My recorded track is slightly delayed/behind/out of synch with the original track when using Audacity 2.
I did not have to compensate for latency in the old Audacitys, so yes natural settings were ok.