Latency testing using Focusrite Solo USB interface

I have bought the latest Focusrite Solo USB interface, Microphone and headphones package.
It all works with Audacity but I get latency because I need to set it up properly.
I read on Audacity instructions that I need a mixer and to connect the outputs of the mixer to the inputs if the USB interface.
Focusrite Solo only has two inputs.
An xlr mic socket and 1/4" jack socket for an electric instrument.
My questions are…
Do I need a mixer and what could I get as bare minimum just to do this test?
Can I do the test by just using the Focusrite Solo?
I really appreciate your help.
Try to keep it simple.
I am 70 and new into latency, buffering and sampling rates!!!
But really interesting.

The headphones and microphone plug into the Solo, right? Then you got enough right there.

Generate a click track and set up your system for overdubbing according to the instructions. Leave the Solo Direct Monitor off for now.

Start a voice recording and put a headphone so the microphone can hear it. I know nobody in their right mind would mix music on earbuds. That’s what I had for the picture.

Stop. Inspect the tracks. You should have two blue waves. The top one is the original click track and the bottom one is the new click track recording. The difference in time is your latency correction.

Apply the correction and make a new recording. The left-to-right timing error should be gone.

Note it’s possible to pick the wrong click for your correction, to be one whole click off. It’s also possible to apply the correction in the wrong direction (later/sooner). That’s why it’s good to do an actual musical test before you call it good.

It’s also possible, and this is a bit more serious, to have latency change as the computer ages, fills up, and slows down.

The Solo will give you Perfect Overdubbing where you hear yourself in theatrical mix with the backing tracks. That’s what the Direct Monitor button does. Not everybody likes that, but most do. You have to listen to the Solo for this, not the computer.

Post beck if you get stuck.


Thank you Koz.
That worked fine.
I had navigation problems because I am new to all this.
I had to read the instructions to the letter again and again and things started to dawn on me.
In short I ended up with a latency figure if -228.
It all works fine now .
The latency figure in the bottom right box… HH.MM.SS now reads Zero.
Is that because I have zeroed it?
The figure in the other box gained by going through the menu reads Latency -228.
Thank you so much.
I am pleased with myself in that I actually understood all that by proving it!!!
Hooray I am not stupid after all.:smile::smile: