Latency issues when overdubbing

Never had any latency issue using the last Audacity software. But I just downloaded the Audacity 3.3 yesterday and today using my same Blue Yeti Blackout USB microphone I recorded a rhythem guitar track and then did an another overdub track to record the lead guitar over the rhythem track and they were out of sync.
my headphone are plugged into my Yeti and I have everything set up in the audio section with the yeti speaker and yeti mic etc. I noticed the Buffer length is set at 100 and the latency compensation is set at Zero milliseconds. I never had to set this under audio before?

My latency compensation happens to be set at -130 msec. To set yours, see: Latency Test - Audacity Manual

Can you tell how far out of sync? If you can come up with a number, add that number to the current latency compensation.

Audacity will play the backing track to your microphone monitor system and the microphone should mix the live voice or instrument.

As a rule, you can’t listen to the computer.

I know. I wouldn’t use earbuds either. They were handy for the picture.


This isn’t for the easily frightened. You may get to add a negative compensation value to an existing negative number. You are required by law to go the wrong way the first time and make it worse.


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