Hey, Im getting a tiny bit of latency, and its extremely difficult to play along to a mp3 import. Have no idea how to fix it, I have asio drivers, win 7, 64 bit, 2 dual core, 4k ram. It works well, just gotta get rid of the delay. Any help would be appreciated.Great program, Im getting an awesome sound. Just hard to play to a cd. Thanks

Im getting a tiny bit of latency

I’m assuming Computer Latency and not Recording Latency. Your performance goes down in perfect sync with the guide track, right? You just can’t hear yourself playing?

That’s normal.

When you say you have ASIO, how do you mean that? Audacity doesn’t support ASIO unless you recompile the program with ASIO support built-in. Did you do that?

When we wrote the Overdubbing instructions, we intentionally included three different ways of perfect overdubbing by means of special hardware. You listen to the hardware, not the computer and you can hear a theatrically perfect mix of you and the backing track.

In the absence of built-in ASIO or special hardware, what you got is normal.


I can hear myself playing, hence the latency (delay). My headphones are plugged into the usb device, and im still getting a latency. The recording and playback seem to work fine, its me hearing the guitar as soon as I strike the note thats the issue. I did not recompile the program, but I would be interested in trying a version where someone already did that. I am not using mic, only a direct line in from my guitar effects into the usb behringer device and out via usb to the computer.

You nearly told us what the USB device was.


Oh, wait this is a common one. Go into Audacity Preferences and turn off Playthroughs.


It seems to me that the delay is being caused by my adapter. Odd. Because when I plug my headphones coming straight out of my effects chain, it sounds fine. But the signal goes into the usb guitar link, and into my computer via usb. My headphones are plugged into the adapter, not the computer so there shouldn’t be any latency at all.

I think I slowly got this. What happens if you plug your guitar pickup directly into the GuitarLink? Is the headphone feed still late? Did you turn off the Audacity Playthrough settings?


Hold on I’ll try it… Right now the driver stopped working and I can get it to work at all cuz its a retarded chinese knockoff… Gimme a few days to see if I can get it to work again