Latence problem

When I try to record with my behringer U-PHORIA UMC202 I have a problem…

It’s written : “'Le réglage de correction de latence a caché l’audio enregistré, avant le zéro.
Audacity l’a ramené au zéro.
Vous pourrez utiliser l’outil de glissement temporel ( ou F5) pour glisser la piste à sa place”

Sorry it’s french, I searched for days and I can’t find an issue… please help me! :frowning:

Sorry, I don’t speak French.

That message will occur if the recording stalls (stops prematurely) when recording a new track.
Check your settings in the device toolbar (you should probably have “host” set to MME if you are on Windows, and the recording and playback devices set to your USB UMC202 device.)
In the “Transport” menu, “Software Playthrough” should be off (not selected).