Large gaps when recording using usb from turntable

I am trying to record a vinyl using a U-Phono Behringer UFO202. However, when recording there are large gaps of silence throughout. I have returned my first device and received a new different make and the problem has continued. I have checked all of the cords which are in working order and it is able to record from the microphone on my computer. The problem arises when I use the Phono as the recording device. I have attached screenshots which show the settings and gaps. I have previously used a Phono with success and am going mad trying to figure out why this is happening. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Long gaps are unusual but short gaps ([u]dropouts[/u]) are more common.

It’s usually related to multitasking. It could be another application, a background process, or driver, interrupting and “hogging” the system.

The operating system is ALWAYS multitasking even if you are only running one application. So there are recording & playback buffers (like storage tanks) so the audio data can flow in and out at a smooth-constant rate. If something hogs the system too long while recording you get buffer overflow and a glitch or gap in the recording. Whatever is hogging the system doesn’t have to be using a lot of total CPU time, it just as to hog it for a few milliseconds too long.

[u]Dropout troubleshooting[/u] and if you really need to dig-in deep, [u]Glith Free[/u].

I will give a few of the suggestions a try and report back

Ensure you are not in the mono trap …

If you were recording one of those weird (Beatles) records where everything is hard-panned, no crossover, then you could get long intervals of silence if you were (accidentally) only recording one channel.
if waveforms are different I'm wrong.gif

I would be inclined to agree with your first suppositions - a problem with the cable or interface. So the new interface is not made by Behringer?