large diaphragm condenser microphones for less than $150

What is the best large diaphragm condenser microphone for less than 150 bucks?

I’ve got one of each of these and they are both quite amazing for the price:
(not sure if they are available in the US.)

Also, the Samson mics seem to have a pretty solid reputation, as do the SE Electronics SE 2000 and X1 and the Rode NT1-A.
There’s a review of the X1 here: )

The SE Electronics Gemini range are all pretty awesome, but unfortunately a bit out of the price range.

Thanks, Steve.

My only experience is with the T-Bone mics and they usually have a very nice quality/price ratio.

I also have a T-Bone SC1100 and I’m quite happy with it, might be a bit over your budget but I think it’s worth it. I haven’t tried the slightly more expensive SC1200, but I’d bet it’s probably a good choice too.

On the cheaper side, beside the SC450 Steve mentioned you also have the SC600. I have no experience with either of them though.

T-Bone is a german brand, not sure how much more expensive they can be outside europe… Like Steve said Samson also has some good reputation for quality/price ratio, on that price range.

My brother gave me a SE2200a mic and I’m having lots of fun.