Large audiobook Download to CD-R

Hello! I’m new to this site. I’ve looked all over the place and don’t know what to do. I have large audiobooks like 12 hours long. How can I split these up into 80 minute segments to download them to CD-R to listen in my car. Any advice would be appreciated, or a direction to a tutorial.



80 minute segments

This doesn’t work the other way, either. “I want to listen to my CD AudioBook while I’m hiking.”

Import the work into Audacity. The brute force method is set Audacity to place a label every 78 minutes. I need to look up how to do that. Nobody gets 80 minutes on a Music CD.

Then File > Export Multiple: WAV (Microsoft). Audacity will make a pile of WAV files with sequential numbers. Drag #1 into the Audio CD Authoring Program of your choice, and burn. Repeat many times.

This is relatively convenient, but it runs the risk of chopping a word in half between disks. It doesn’t pay any attention to content.

This is very similar to another recent poster who wanted to hack up long presentations into five minute chunks and preserve the words. When we left him, he was having to do it manually as well.

If you’re obsessive, once Audacity places the labels, you can zoom into each one and move it if it chops a word in half. This is more manual and you need to start bookkeeping to keep track of what you did.

I have to come back with the label placing thing. I don’t remember how to do that.


This is the thing on labels, but it doesn’t say anything about auto labels.

There it is.