How do I get the English version of Audacity-win- 2.0.6? My downloaded version is in a language I do not know. Please help.

Please see here in the FAQ:

The link is not really helpful if you cannot read the language and don’t know where to click. A bit more detailed explanation would be appreciated. My Audacity version is in simplified Chinese and I can absolutely not read that. I do not even know why that is, as I am not living in China either! My Windows is the traditional Chinese version of 7. So if the manual could tell me where I could find “Preferences”, such as click on the second tab from left and the 5th from above, etc. that would be more helpful. Thank you.

PS: I have used Audacity on my old computer (Windows XP) and when I downloaded Audacity several years ago, the program asked for the installation language. So when I asked for English, not only the download but also the program was in English. Why is that not the case anymore? Why does the program language change but not even to the language of the Windows version? If I wanted to have a Chinese version, I’d download it from a Chinese web-site, not from an English one. So can’t you add a question for the program language as well or just assume that when I choose English as the download language, that I would also like the program to be in that language?
Thank you.

That would be a very bad idea as you would then have an unofficial version of Audacity that may well be loaded with adware or worse.

Audacity defaults to the system language.

Which is why it says:

If Audacity is running in an unfamiliar language, please see > this page > in the Manual.

Yeeah, sorry, I didn’t read until the end. Got too angry when I read ‘go to preferences’ :blush: