Language settings of your own choice[SOLVED]

Only have had Audacity dormat for almost a year. As with older versions Audacity chooses the language for the user by what is set as, in my case, Swedish locale in Windows, to menu items and so. I would like to use English or US and still use the Swedish keyboard and date, numerics settings.

The reason? - I use almost 80 licensed or free applications and because of my special interest almost none of them have a good Swedish translation, or no translation at all.

Moving from one application to another is a bit tedious, especially since almost all web supprt, forums (with technical tips) use English. The menues are not in the same order or it is a guess what items are translated as/to!

So, in Edit/Settings, I would like a choice of Audacity menu and help language!



You will need to download the latest Audacity from us at Audacity ® | Downloads . Then CTRL + P and choose the fifth (5th) item from the top in the list on the left. Then look in the second (2nd) drop-down menu on the right where you can choose English.

Note there is no complete localised Manual (help) - it is only in English at the moment.


Oh, Thanks you Gale,

My head was, as usual, tuned in on English … I see that feature now!

Regards, Bagtjesen