Bonjour tlm,

Je suis nouveau sur ce Forum… Merci d’avance à ceux/celles qui pourront m’aider !
Lorsque je veux convertir un fichier Wav en Mp3 avec Audacity, j’ai le message suivant qui s’affiche…

Or dans mon PC Win 7 /64 Bits, Lame est déjà installé avec les fichiers suivants…

Quel est celui que je dois mentionner à Audacity…
Faut-il RE télécharger et installer Lame et le placer indépendamment de ceux qui existent dans…
C / Program Files (x86) ?

Merci pour votre aide…
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SVP fournir une image PNG ici en utilisant “Upload attachment” au-dessous où vous poster le message.
Ou, qu’est-ce que le message dit?

Lisez-vous: ?

Si vous pouvez parler anglais, c’est mieux. Nous avons une problème pour répondre aux questions en français maintenant.


Hello everyone,
Here is my request in English… I’am sorry for possible faults…

When I want to convert a Wav file into Mp3 with Audacity, I have the following message …
"First, you have to obtain the file lame_en.dll separately, by downloading BLADE MP3 and by then indicate to Audacity where it is placed in your computer … You need to do this only once… Want you to indicate the site of the file blade-enc.dll now? "

However in my PC Win 7 /64 Bits, Lame is already installed with the following files…

Photo maker (C:Program Files (x86)NewTech InfosyqstemsNTI Media Maker 8)

Photo Maker (C:Program Files (x86)NewTech InfosyqstemsNTI Media Maker 8)

Codecs (C: Program Files (x86)MediaCoder)

CDex (C: Program Files (x86)CDex Portable)

Images (C: Program Files (x86)CDex PortableCDex)


Among these files, which is that which I must mention in Audacity ?…
Is it necessary to download Lame once again and install it independently of those which already exist in … C/Program Files (x86) ?

Thank you for your assistance…

For reliable operation you should use Lame that has been built specifically for Audacity.
You can download the ZIP version of Lame from here:
then extract the contents of the zip file into your Audacity program folder.

Audacity should then detect Lame automatically.

The message:

First, you have to obtain the file lame_enc.dll separately, by downloading LAME and by then indicate to Audacity where it is placed in your computer

indicates you are using a 1.2 version of Audacity, so Audacity will not detect LAME automatically (you would have to click “Yes” on that message and point Audacity to our lame_enc.dll).

As 1.2 can crash on Windows 7 when you press Stop after recording, please use the current 1.3.13 Unicode Beta instead:

As long as lame_enc.dll is in the Audacity program folder either the zipped LAME 3.98.2 version from Buanzo’s site or the 3.98.4 version linked to on (which is also built MultiThread) should be recognised automatically.

1.3.13 normally requires a lame_enc.dll supplied by us because otherwise there can be problems with metadata tags and incorrect file lengths being reported.