LAME for Windows 8

We have installed Audacity on a Windows 8 system, but we are having trouble finding a version of LAME that works on Windows 8.
We have searched for LAME for Windows 8, but unsuccessfully.

Can anyone help?


Have you tried the relevant Frequently Asked Question: ?


Yes, I did look at that, and there is no mention of Windows 8 there.

Or are we supposed to conclude that it works by default, without specific mention?

I’d try it myself, but I’m trying to figure this out for a friend/colleague. She has the Windows 8 system; I don’t, and I’m not at her place.

If someone can tell me whether the standard LAME is supposed to work on Windows 8, that would be help me avoid spinning my wheels!


If you want to download a LAME version that is suitable for Audacity I suggest you do that from as per the FAQ. Do not click on any advertisements on that site or you may harm your computer. That LAME version is suitable for Windows 2000 through to Windows 8.1 (there are no operating system requirements other than that).


Ok, This is my problem. Today i was working in an audio track, so when i finished i Wanted to export as a mp3 file. But when i try a pop-up from audacity says me: “Audacity needs the file lame_enc.dll” So i click in the button to download it. But when i clicked the button and it sends me to the Audacity “support” page. In that page, the link "" is not avaliable!
Please, If you can solve this problem :confused: or, by the way, there’s another page to download “LAME” for Windows?
PD: I’m using Audacity 2.0.5 in Windows 8

Try the instructions here:
I’ve just checked the links. The download site is a bit slow at the moment but it is working.