Lame encoder for windows 10

I use Audacity to record books in MP3. I have installed windows 10. Now I want to reinstall Lame. When I clic on the install file (99.3). Nothing happens! Is this version of Lame compatible with windows 10?.

Thanks in advance

There is no need to reinstall LAME if you have the same version of Audacity as before.

If you still want to reinstall it, see


Thank you for the answer.
Unfortunately I have been obliged to format the hard disk, reinstall windows 8.1 and after that to upgrade to Windows 10. I have been able to install Audacity but when I try to install Lame, nothing happens!

Perhaps the best solution is to reinstall 8.1, then Audacity and Lame, and, after that only upgrade to 10!!

Please excuse my perhaps poor english, I am french!

Best regards

At what step exactly in the instructions at does nothing happen? Are you running the installer as an administrator, as you should do?

You should at the least be able to download “” from, right-click the zip file, choose Extract All… then place the extracted lame_enc.dll in the Audacity installation folder. Then you can export MP3 files immediately.