Lame_enc.dll Audacity 2.3.0

I’m trying to export files to mp3, but Audacity keeps telling me I’m using an outdated version of lame_enc.dll.
I’m using v 3.99.5 and can’t find a more recent version on the Internet.
Can you please point me in the right direction?
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What is the exact message?

Did you install Lame according to these instructions: Installing and updating Audacity on Windows - Audacity Manual

After doing exactly what you say, I get the following message (in French):

“You are linking with lame v3.99. This version is not compatible with Audacity 2.3.0.
Download the latest version of the Lame MP3 library.”

FYI, Foobar 2000 is totally happy, and lame_enc.dll is located under Foobar > Components.

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PS: I copied lame _enc.dll under Program Files (x86) > Audacity and redid the Locate phase. No difference.

From the Lame download page:
“RECOMMENDED Installer Package for Windows: Lame_v3.99.3_for_Windows.exe - (SHA256 SUM here)”

That is not “v 3.99.5”.

lame_enc.dll is located under Foobar > Components.

If you run the installer as recommended, your foobar installation will remain untouched and Audacity will have it’s own special version of LAME installed in a different location, and Audacity should automatically find it. (In your case, you might have to use “Locate” to point Audacity to the Audacity version, since it’s already pointed to the “wrong” version.)

…I’ve probably got at least 3 copies of LAME on my computer. In Win10 64-bit, I find the Audacity version under C:\Program Files (X86)/Lame For Audacity.

Thanks everybody!
I had trouble locating v3.99.3., but it now works.
Most download sites point to v3.99.5, which is the latest release of lame_enc.dl.
Which elicits the following question: why doesn 't the latest release of Audacity support v3.99.5?
Also, the message: “download the latest version of Lame MP3 library” is obviously confusing.

I agree. I’ll log that for improvement. The next version of Audacity is scheduled for January, so it is unlikely that there will be time to fix this before the next release (text messages are now “frozen” so that the translators have time to catch up).

It is now logged on the bug tracker.

Thank you.

If you still get this error, update Audacity to the latest version via Lame is built-in these days, so you won’t get this error.

Make sure you uninstall Audacity 2.3 first though!