Lame Converter MP3

I have ried to download the program 2 times, it seems to work fine until the end but then:

Store FILE NAME Where do I find name? I have tried with name such as CONVERTER MP3 Error message FAILED!!
How can I find a correct file name???

Sven Buchholz

Are you saying that you are having trouble downloading LAME from the Internet, or are you having trouble using LAME? I can’t work out exactly what you are doing or what you are asking.

Instructions for downloading and installing LAME for Audacity are here:

have tried to download the program 2 times, it seems to work fine until the end but then: It askes me to store

I get stuck at this poind becaus I do not know the file name!

Where do I find name? I have tried with name such as CONVERTER MP3 Error message FAILED!!
How can I find a correct file name???

I tried again following manual, I have stored it several places, but it will not work trying to convert to MP3
file lame library ok, but will not work
The problem is that I am unable to store program file

Sven Buchholz

What is the web browser that you are using?

If you follow the instructions on this page (steps 1 and 2) the LAME installation program should download as Lame_v3.99.3_for_Windows.exe .

Windows 7
Internet Explorer

Download ok, stored in DOWNLOAD

Going through RUN . ending up with Screen Picture AUDIO CONVERTER VER. 3,2

In the middle of dialogue box, green background colour :CLICK Add File

I then get a choice WHERE to store file, suggesting

Dialogue box also asks for FILE NAME, I have no file name!!!

The program is however stored in DOWNLOADS,


Then, Trying to store a file as MP3,
Audacity needs the file


This file is nonexistent! Going back trying the entire procedure again, THEN to store under this name, lame_enc.dll:

RESULT : File name not valid!

Name of file in DOWLOAD: libmp3lame.dylib TYPE OF FILE: DYLIB I click to open : Result WINDOWS CAN NOT OPEN THIS FILE.

I have downloaded similar files hundreds of time, NEVER problems! I have worked with computers 30 year, NEVER faced a problem like this!

Where do I go wrong?

Sven Buchholz

This is like a dog biting its own tail!

And that is obviously not "Lame_v3.99.3_for_Windows.exe "

You must be clicking on the wrong link.
This is the download page:
and the correct download link is a TEXT link that says (in blue writing and underlined):


Do not click on any of the graphics and do not click on the banner.

This is what I am downlading,

Audio Converter
Audio Converter Tool is the ultimater and best solution for all kinds of audio conversion needs. It enables you to acheive your desires without having all the media format incompatibilities.
License: Free
Requirements: No special requirements
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Last Updated: July 02, 2012
Step 1: Download Setup File
Step 2: Click “Run” or “Save File” in Firefox
Step 3: Click “Run” once more
Step 4: Easy installation will now begin
Free Full Version for Windows 7, Vista, XP
A free Audio Converter supporting all popular audio formats.
The Audio Converter tool works easily, simple to use, fast and fun interface let you enjoy the process which takes few seconds to retrieve the converted audio. Supported formats: *.mp2, *.mp3, *.aac, *.au, *.ogg, *.ape, *.flac, *.aiff, *.m4a, *.mpc, *.ac3, *.wav, *.wma1, *.wma2
Supports more than 10 audio formats.
Quickly convert multiple audio files and auto-shotdown functions for batch conversion.
Windows Integration popup info tips, audio properties
Very easy-to-use.
Operating system:
Windows XP/Vista/7This product is totally free and offers the user additional bundle products that may include advertisement.
Audio Converter is using ffmpeg - the leading audio/video codec library.
Privacy Policy - Terms of Service - Contact Us - End User License Agreement - Uninstall
Your download will begin in a moment…
If the download doesn’t start automatically, Click Here.
Click Run or Open to begin Click Yes

I do exactly this!!!
I have done it 5 times. I alway end up as described!!:
You must have done some changes!

Please help me!


I beleive there is a virus, because whan download is finised, I get the green dialogue bok and I am told to store file, I get this

It goes into my control panel and changes my internet setting to become a start page!

It must be a virus!

The file stored in my DOWLOAD is Audioconverter setup , if I click it, I get onto this pirat site
I am afraid your download has been hacked!


I am not sure that what you are downloading is anything to do with Audacity. From which website did you start the download (the http URL)? And how did you get from your browser’s homepage to that website? What chain of links did you click on? “From homepage clicked on link A, from there clicked on link B,… etc.”

That is NOT Lame for Audacity.
I suggest that you fully uninstall that program and delete it from your computer.
If you are concerned that you may have picked up a computer virus somewhere, I’d recommend that you apply a full, in-depth anti-virus scan with a reputable anti-virus program as soon as possible.
Three of the best free antivirus programs are:
Avast free (I use this one)
AVG free (I previously used this one)
Avira (I used this for a short time, but I prefer Avast)

When you are satisfied that you have fully removed “Audio Converter” and that your computer is free of viruses and working correctly, the correct download link is this one
download link.png

Sven, Audio Converter does not work in conjunction with Audacity. Audacity SAVES the audio file as an .AU file. then you load the .AU file in to the converter IF it will accept the .AU file and then convert it.
If you download and then use LAME you will be able to export the file from Audacity to MP3 or WAV files in ONE process.
I believe that you have misunderstood about Audio Converter and LAME and Audacity. They are actually 3 totaly different programs. LAME will work with Audacity for exporting files. Audio Converter will convert certian type of files, but the file has to already been saved. Again Audacity will onl SAVE .AU files. If Audio Converter will read the .AU file then you can convert it but only after it has been saved.

Hope this helps