LAME and ACX plugins

I am hoping to record an audiobook with audacity and was told I needed the LAME and ACX plugins. I downloaded them but I cannot figure out how to connect them to audacity.
When I go to the “add/remove plug ins” I do not see either plugin
I need to get these 2 plugins plugged in :slight_smile:
I am using mac high sierra 10.13
thanks for your help!

I believe I included install instructions in this tutorial.


record an audiobook

Just one? Are you a writer who decided to audio publish their own book?

Post back if you have further troubles.


There is an order of appearance error that some new users experience. Do Not read the whole book and only then stop to perform submission mastering and testing.

Mess with that short 20 second test clip format and make sure your recording environment is OK. Home recording to ACX AudioBook standards is not easy.