LAME 3.99.5 is the latest version [SOLVED]

Hi, I’ve just discovered that you guys are sharing this page to users to download LAME for Audacity:

That’s just the version 3.99.3.

This is the official LAME page:

And the latest version is 3.99.5. Shouldn’t you guys update it?

By the way, I’ve downloaded the 3.99.5 version, but when trying to locate the mp3_enc.dll from version 3.99.5, I can’t find it out in the whole folder.
May be using this?

How can I make Audacity to use the latest version 3.99.5?


Yes, because that version of Lame works with Audacity.

That’s why you should use the version that is recommended for Audacity.

Yes. If you have the Lame 3.99.5 encoder installed on your computer you can use the “external encoder” option in Audacity’s export dialog (see:
However, it is much simpler to just use the recommended 3.99.3 version of Lame as you can then use Audacity’s built-in MP3 options (see:

All right, thank you again for your time, Steve.
Is there any big advantage of the 3.99.5 version?

It hasn’t been updated in a big while (3 years), so it seems that that’s going to be the final release. It would be good to use it in next releases, in my opinion.

Not when used in Audacity.
Lame 3.99.5 has a bug fix for decoding MP3s, but Audacity only uses Lame for encoding, so that’s not relevant to Audacity. I’m not aware of any compelling reasons to use 3.99.5 rather than 3.993.

Audacity Team just links to a version of LAME that works with Audacity, we don’t supply LAME.

The “x86-Win32 (327kB)” version of libmp3lame 3.99.5 at the top of that rarewares page works with Audacity. When you locate the DLL file from Audacity’s Libraries Preferences, either change the file filter in the dialogue to all DLL files, or rename the file from libmp3lame.dll to lame_enc.dll.


Is there any big advantage of the 3.99.5 version?

[u]LAME Changelog[/u].

It’s been a few years since there have been any changes that might affect sound quality or anything “important” to the end user unless you have been having problems with something.

Version 3.100 will have changes to the PSY model which may affect sound quality.

Thank you for the info, DVDdoug. I didn’t know there was a release already cooking in the oven.

Yeah, yeah, I know you don’t supply LAME encoder. By “updating it” I meant that you should link to the latest release of LAME.

OK, that was it. I couldn’t find the “lame_enc.dll” file in the version 3.99.5, so I though you guys had to change some things in the LAME rar to make it works with Audacity.