LADSPA plugin and a few more questions [SOLVED]

I am new here so if this question has been asked before I apologize. Please point me to the right direction.

I am using Audacity 2.1.1. and Windows 7.

After I have downloaded the LADSPA plugin from the below page, I still cannot see the plugin in the pull down menu.

I went to the above URL from the direction given in this page:

Also, I have moved my old audacity files I created to an older laptop for temporary use. I cannot listen to the audacity files I created anymore. There is no sound. The playback devices I have in the preference of Audacity are Microsoft Sound Mapper and Speakers (High Def Audio). Neither of them work.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I have moved my old audacity files

That’s dangerous. Did you make sure you moved both the AUP file and the associated _DATA folder to the same place or folder on the new computer? It takes both to make a show and they won’t go looking for each other.


Have you used Effect > Manage… to open the Plug-in Manager dialogue then selected and enabled the LADSPA effects you wish to use in the Audacity menus?

Are there any blue waveforms visible in these projects? If not, these projects may have included WAV files that you did not bring along from the other computer.

Otherwise, can you hear any audio on your computer in Windows Media Player? If not, go into Windows Sound and make corrections.

If the problem is only in Audacity, left-click the speaker icon by the system clock, then click “Mixer”. Play audio in Audacity then make sure in “Volume Mixer” that the Audacity slider is turned up and unmuted. Restart the computer if that does not help either.


Hi Gale and Koz. Thanks for your reply. I enabled the LADSPA effects and it worked.

I can see the blue waveforms and I can hear the sound now.

I still have other questions as I am quite new to everything. Should I continue with this thread or open a new one?

Thanks again.

I will mark this as SOLVED and lock this topic because it then has an uncomplicated solution that may help other users.

So yes, please start a new topic for your other questions - create one topic for each question if the questions are not related to each other.