Labels2CueSheet - Labels to Cue Sheet Converter for Windows

Labels2CueSheet v0.1a

This simple windows application converts audacity label files to cue sheet files.
This is alpha version for test purposes.

The tool has no it’s own window. It uses either file list from command line or shows standart open dialog to select file(s) manually. Command line parameters - just one or more label file names. If command line is empty, then dialog box shows (multiple times, until Cancel button will be pressed). The tool shows no extra messages in any case - either cue sheet created successfully or not.

In order to write correct “FILE” record to cue sheets, label files must be named exactly like their audio including audio extension and .txt extension at the end. For example, if audio file has name “track01.wav”, label file must have name “track01.wav.txt”, and just then the tool will write to cue sheet **“track01.wav.cue”**correct file information: ‘FILE “track01.wav” WAVE’.

[Attachment: Labels2CueSheet.rar removed by moderator]

Thanks for the contribution uvhwpevx but I’ve had to remove the attachment as the exe file within the rar package was flagged by Virus Total as unsafe:

Also, as there are already three tools to create cue sheets from labels I’m wondering what the purpose of this program is. Assuming that the two virus warnings are false positives, what is the benefit of this program compared with the alternatives that are listed on the wiki?

I would also suggest uvhwpevx that you update your registered email address with a real one.

This is ridiculous! The app isn’t some kind of “ad downloader” as Ikarus suggests, in fact it can’t download anything at all. And heuristic warning of Qihoo-360 (never heard of it) is a paranoidal delusion. False positive - exactly! 54 other antiviruses staying calm.

  1. Web tool - you can’t use it when you offline or the site is down.
  2. Bash script - in fact, for linux only. Who will mix up with cygwin under windows just for cue sheets?
  3. Label2cue is ok, but when you need a couple dozens of cue sheets, it will become a real hand job because label2cue can’t select more than one file at one time and asks to input every file name. If you don’t have Java by any occasion, you have to spend some time to find and install it. And it don’t support command line.
  4. Labels2CueSheet supports command line, multiselection, don’t ask for names, don’t need Java, and it for windows only.

And finally, every Audacity label has 2 time marks - begin and end. By now, only Labels2CueSheet creates 2 indexes - for both of them.

That one is a real one. You could email me to check.

We all know that false positives happen from time to time, but my main concern as administrator of this forum is for forum users and in that role I must lean to the side of caution.

Is your application “open source”? If so, then you’re welcome to post a link to the source code.
If you wish to repost the binary, please submit a “false positive” report to the relevant companies so that they white-list it, then repost to the forum as a ZIP archive (RAR files require closed source software that some users may not have installed, and RAR files look more ‘suspicious’, as can be seen from this result:

Sure it’s “real” in the sense that you can receive email, but the email service is well known as a provider of “disposable” email addresses.

I could post the source code right here if you asks, not anywhere else. To send 56+ preventive be-aware-i-am-not-a-villain letters, to create a personal web site for such a tiny tool… it is a too big deal for it and for me. I just wanted to share what I spent a piece of my time for, not to drawn in such burocracy.

Nope. Not exactly. That is my own and only 3rd level domain, and the name of the email service I use with it is not the same at all. It is disposable as much as, let’s say, gmail or yahoo or hotmail, and not less popular between average people in my country. I understood what you mean though. But I use my “real” real email to be in touch only with real people, not with “noreply” robots and their potential privacy issues.

Or you could try using another installer, perhaps, like Inno Setup.

If your tool is virus free and it works well then we will be happy to post a link to it on Audacity Wiki.


Yes, in fact it is virus free, trojan free, adware free and any kind of intentional harm free. As for me, it works well, but this is first ever public release, and it is alpha, and no one tested it yet (except me), so no one complained.

What for an installer? It is simple one-binary one-action tool written and compiled on Delphi 7… I’d do just one more thing - compress it with UPX to reduce it’s size, but then I suspect the chorus of antiviruses’ paranoic heuristic modules will sound much louder.

I don’t know what the EXE file does until you say.

It won’t be published anywhere on while it has a detection score on virustotal, but from the features you mention I think it would be useful to try this out and find a way to provide a safe download (according to virustotal).

Working with the AV suppliers to remove any false positives could be part of the solution.


No, you only need to write to the two that flagged malware.

With virus definition updates, another two AV scanners are now reporting a threat:


I am sorry, guys, I’ve done all what I could. Now both binaries and sources are there. I am not allowed to edit my own messages here, so fix up the first post yourself if you want. And I will not beg any of the 56 antiviruses for any consideration of acquittance, so much I will have to do it every time for every new build.

I repackaged your Git Sources into a ZIP with no internal folders and now get just one “trojan” detected:


What’s the difference between the “Labels2CueSheets.exe” file on GitHub and the “Labels2CueSheets.exe” file that you posted originally to the forum?

16 now, or 14 hours ago…

No functional differences, just source code optimization. Standart unit QDialogs replaced by simplier Dialogs - exe became twice smaller. Yesterday I created CueSheets2Labels and made changes in source code structure: Labels2CueSheets and CueSheets2Labels now share one source unit. I change version number from 0.1 to 0.01a because the 0.1 wasn’t published (and will not be)… and all next changes, I am sure, will never be significant enough to reach 0.2 mark.

What compiler are you using?


Delphi Pascal Compiler

What exact site did you download it from?



I would suggest the developer provides a uncompressed set of files, not using any installer. If the tool is so small and simple, then the installer is probably overkill anyway.

It wouldn’t be the first time that a completely honest developer has a tool flagged as malware by using a combination of technologies (UPX, Installers, old programming environments such as Delphi 7).

If the uncompressed exe, without the installer, is provided, uploaded to and the analysys becomes negative, then you, developer, can assume that something might be wrong in your software ecosystem.

The .exe file you posted on github is also being flagged as malware: