Labels simple sequencer

Hi to all.
During “good old Amiga DayZ” I remember a single track audio tool (maybe Audiomaster or Future Sound) that allowed to play in sequence selections of the track (labels in audacity)
for example : I have label A, label B, label C and I can setup a simple sequencer playing A-B-C-C-A-A-B-A etc etc
of course in audacity I can create a new track and copy-paste-swap each labels inside it , but it should be a nice addition for fast test.
a single audio track with a file text with the sequence of labels inside an audacity project can also produce a long meshup with very low memory needs (pratically only is the memory for the audio track, plus some kb)
maybe it can be done right now with some plugin or workaround but I have not find anything.


Yes I’ve seen that approach.

There’s another approach to much the same issue, which is using “virtual” audio clips. The way this works is that the project may have multiple audio clips, say “A”, “B”, “C”, D",… which are “real” audio clips containing samples (like audio clips in Audacity). Then you can have any number of “virtual” audio clips (“a”, “b”, “c”, “d”,…), each of which references a real audio clip. Each virtual clip references the audio data (samples) that exist in a real audio clip. Thus, you can create a mashup, or any other type of project, with multiple references to the same audio data, for example:
If any instance of “a” is opened for sample editing, it is the samples of “A” that are edited, and all instances of “a” reflect the change.
On the other hand, if you wanted to modify only one instance of “a”, leaving “A” and all other instances of “a” unchanged, then you would convert that one version of “a” into a real copy of “A” which can then be modified.

convert to copy of “A”

If the audio is small enough to fit into RAM, then it could be done with Nyquist, though I’m not aware of any plug-ins that do this.