Labels or notes for each section of sound in a single track when hovering over it with cursor

excluding the Label Track (which is very useful but to me seems a little limiting in is functionality) is there a way to add a note or label to each “sound section” (not sure how they are called) within each track?
by “sound section” I am referring to a portion of sound within a single track which is isolated left and right (i.e. before and after) by absence of sound signal, not just silence but absolutely no signal trace.

With such functionality then just hovering over it with the mouse would display such note/label so you would immediately know what that snippet of sound within a track is.

Thank you as always! :slight_smile:

Do you mean something like a “javascript roll-out” or “roll over” as found on websites and windows apps such as the built-in calendar?

Do you mean like this?
First Track007.png
This is a screenshot from the current 3.1.0 Alpha currently under testing and development.

I think I’ve got an idea what your driving at. Something similar to roll-overs one can put into a PDF. Easy enough in desktop publishing, but I don’t know about adding that to Audacity - it would be very handy for building sound montages.
Fig 1.jpg

Thank you ISSAACC and jademan,

I was thinking like ISSAACC’s second screenshot. Any sound clip you move the mouse over a pop-up window appears with your notes. Important is that it stretches as much as possible (within reason) to display your entire note (that can be long) without need to having to click on an “expand” button unless the note is really long.

To avoid having those notes continually appearing as you move the cursor all over the screen while you are working it could be that they appear still WITHOUT clicking the mouse button (!) but only if the CTRL or SHIFT button are pressed while the mouse is over a sound clip.

jademan, I did not know about that. I think it is limiting if you need to put long descriptive text but definitely better than nothing and I will now upgrade to that version so I can use that feature which I did not know about.

Thank you both! :slight_smile:

As I said, the current 3.1.0 Alpha is currently under testing and development. It is not yet suitable for production. About two months ago, the developers were speculating that 3.1 would be about three months off. I haven’t heard any estimate from them recently. :wink:

no wonder I could not find it :smiley:
I misread your post :slight_smile:

Hi -

I’m adding labels as I need to align/update our show notes timestamp (of the important topics) in the audio I am editing. If I add the intro and will the label maintain the timestamps, or do I have to move or adjust the label again?

I hope I’m making sense.