Labels broken when multiple projects are open

Use cases for multiple open projects:
*Combining the best of two takes.
*Using another clip as a noise source for the noise reduction effect.

Labels: needed to annotate notes and sections.

Problem: switching to another open project,
the creation or editing of a label is broken.
Create a label, or click on any existing label to edit,
then any letter typed is interpreted as a command to Audacity,
not as a letter to add to the label.

Temporary fix: switch to another Application, then back again.
Doesn’t matter which app. This always works. Unpleasant though.
A real fix would be appreciated. Still present in 3.5.1.
(The OS is OSX).

Thanks for the report. I’ve logged it here: Labels broken when multiple projects are open · Issue #6355 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

Thank you.

For extra detail and motivation…
if you switch projects,
but forget to switch out of Audacity and switch back,
then the letters you think you are inserting into an old or new label
will do unintended things.
for example, click inside a label to delete a character,
and instead the delete key may delete a section on the timeline.
Or typing a spacebar will start play.
Or j will send cursor to beginning of timeline.