labeling tracks

windows xp -following Audacity instructions I select each track, assign a name label etc All tracks wind up with the same name given to last track entered. What am I doing wrong?

Eric, can you flesh out a little more detail please.

You said in your e-mail:

When I opened the edit track window, all tracks were named the same as the last one entered and no duration times were indicated. All were 000 to 000.

Which edit track window is that, in which program? Is this after you used File > Export Multiple in Audacity?

Are you using the latest Audacity 2.0.3 from here ? You can check your version at Help > About Audacity.

If you are muting the tracks, older versions of Audacity may export empty files when using Export Multiple.


Gale, I used some incorrect terminology.Also here is the sequence of events. I recorded a cassette with eight tracks. I then proceeded to label each track according to instruction. After I did all eight tracks I clicked on tracks and in the drop down clicked on edit labels. I did this because I couldn’t see anywhere else to go to see what I had done regarding affixing labels to each track When that window opened it showed all eight tracks with the same name as the last one I had entered. Also no start or end time on any. I am using latest vesion. Hope this sheds some light on the problem

Please disregard my posts on this subject. I was not understanding track labels. It is not what I wanted to do. I am trying to imbed a track name so as to see it when tuning on my car radio.

Even if you had wanted to use labels, it seems you did something wrong.

Are you burning a CD and playing the CD in the car? If so you need to use CD-text in the CD burner: .

Or are you saying the radio has a hard disk and you are trying to play an audio file in the radio? If so, what audio file formats does the radio player accept? Have you looked in its Manual to see where it gets its song name display from? It would usually use either the file name or file metadata.

If it uses metadata, don’t export as WAV, but try MP3.

Add metadata to the MP3 by using File > Open Metadata Editor (this should pop up by default when you export): .

If you export to MP3 you will need to add LAME: .