Label2Srt: Label to SubRip / subtitles (.srt) converter

Hi all,

At the email request of user “minjay” I have created a small Java application to convert label files into SubRip (.srt) files. This is similar to my application “Label2Cue” released about 6 years ago.

SRT files are subtitle files that can be read by many video players (including Youtube)

This has been tested a few ways by me but the more testing, the better.

How to and Important Notes

In order to do the conversion, first create labels in your audio file one of two ways:

(Method 1) Drop a label at specific location with CTRL-B and stretch it to create a “time span” for the subtitle. This is the preferred method.
(Method 2) Drop a label at with CTRL+B. Drop a second label at another position. Label2Srt treats the first label as the start of the subtitle and the second label as the end of the subtitle. Repeat as many times as you want.

Label2Srt deals with both cases. In Method 2, a time span is created in the SRT from Label 1 to Label 2, then from Label 2 to Label 3, then from Label 3 to Label 4, and so on.

Next, select File → Export Labels
Next, execute the Label2Srt program using the instructions in the section “Executing this application” (just double click on it)
Finally, select the label file with “Select” button, then press “Convert”. The new SRT file is saved to the same directory as the label file.

Executing this application

In both operating systems (Windows and Linux) you can simply double click on the jar file.

In Windows, you might also try right clicking on the file and selecting “Open With → Java™ Platform SE Binary”.

Optionally, execute,

java -jar Label2Srt.jar

via the Windows / Linux command line.

Contact with Bug Reports

andrew1stein - AT - gmail - DOT - com

Change log

11/10/2013 - initial release 1.0
8/2/2020 - release 1.1 using Java 1.8 and reading / writing cue/srt files in UTF-8 by default.
Label2Srt (58.3 KB) (49.9 KB)

Andrew, when you have tested your program you might want to add a mention of it to*.SRT) .




It is tested. Please revise the wiki post as you see fit.