Koz, Please help!


Not too long ago you helped me with some editing to get my audiobook to pass the acx requirements. https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/trying-to-get-things-right-for-acx-submission/38743/1

I am 5 chapters into my audiobook and it has worked perfectly. My last chapter however, failed to meet the requirements because my RMS level is outside the acx specification of -18 to -23. Mine is -23.8 after editing. Is there something I can do besides a re-read and hope/pray for better results?


You still have the original WAV reading, right, without processing? Take it through processing again and change the compressor “Ratio” to 3.0:1 from 2.0:1. If you’re that close, 2.5:1 might do it. The object is to change it as little as possible because it still has to match everything else.


Thanks! I’ll try that.