Korg MS20 - Recording Sound

hi there,

I hope you can help me. I am using Audacity 2.3.3 / Mac OS Sierra 10.12.2

I am trying to record my KOrg Ms 20 mini analogue synthesiser using a PreSonus Audio Box iTwo interface.

Currently, the Korg is plugged into the interface using the USB port, and the interface is connected to the computer, also using a USB cable.

At times a signal is being recorded, but it is very high pitched and doesn’t actally match the sound coming from the Korg, through headphones.

I was wondering if you could help explain why, and offer advice on recording an accurate signal from the Korg? Do I need to use a midi cable, for example to plug into the audio interface?

Any help greatly appreciated!


I think the USB from the Korg is for MIDI only.
To record audio, I expect that you need to connect the audio outputs from the Korg to the audio inputs of the PreSonus AudioBox.