Keyboard Shortcut to FORCE a Pause event?

So if you press P, then Audacity will pause.
If you press P again, the Audacity will unpause.

But is there a shortcut key that will “always pause” ?

e.g. if i press ALT+P it will pause.
And if i press ALT+P again, it will still merely request a pause.

{Note: I need this because my hardware device sends “P” too many times.}


The Pause command is a “toggle” on/off command. Audacity does not have separate commands for pause / unpause.

Can you fix it, or replace it, or use a different keyboard shortcut?
What’s the “device”?

oh that’s a bummer.

Yes, this would be useful in “long narration audio recording”

Because when you’re recording a book, you need to hit PAUSE a lot. But hitting P on a traditional keyboard makes way too much sound.

So, I use a “Capacitive touch switch” (e.g. a metal plate that triggers when you merely touch it with your fingers)

The problem with these buttons is, it’s too easy to touch it twice. So i need to ignore the second touch. Or rather, I have to set it up so that a “touch” ONLY means “play,” never “resume”

Is that something that you made yourself, or is it a commercial product?

Touch switches are everywhere

e.g. on lamps, or even on your laptop trackpad

You’re using a lamp switch?

A lamp switch is a “Capacitive touch switch”

e.g. like this

I know what a capacitive touch switch is. I don’t know what that’s got to do with Audacity. I’m getting the impression that you have tried to rig up a capacitive touch switch to your computer to act as an alternative “P” key, but it is not producing a clean single press signal.

" I don’t know what that’s got to do with Audacity. "

its just a “super quiet button”

because when you’re recording audio, the pressing P on a regular keyboard makes a loud sound.

“but it is not producing a clean single press signal.”

yes, sometimes the user will brush against the button twice (thus, starting the RECORD process again)

Do you have one of these connected to your computer? What is the make and model number of the switch?


Ok, for any audiobook narrators who comes to this thread in the future, I was able to get this to work a different way.

What I did was get a button app for the iPhone

And then, i just created one button on the iphone. Such that, when i push this button, it sends the key “p” to my computer

(You can set the delay on this button if it sends too many “p”'s)

good luck all

On Windows there is a thing called FilterKeys , other operating-systems have similar de-bounce keyboard settings.