Keyboard shortcut synonyms

In other PC software I am familiar with, it is possible to not merely change an existing keyboard shortcut to something else, but to add a new shortcut while also retaining the functionality of the original shortcut.

For example, in certain use situations I have reason to assign “Playing - Play/Stop” to NUMPAD1 (where it can be conveniently near other functions that I have assigned to NUMPAD keys).

However, this causes SPACE to no longer work for “Playing - Play/Stop”, for the other use situations where I prefer the original shortcut and also wish to not confuse other users of the same computer who are expecting the SPACE for that function.

As long as the keys are available, it ought to be possible to assign multiple shortcuts to the same function.

IF this is already possible, how does one do it?

Good suggestion. If there isn’t one already, why not create an Enhancement Issue here: Issues · audacity/audacity · GitHub :smiley:

Note that you can assign a shortcut key to apply any macro. For example, I just created a Macro named “playx” with the command: “Play/Stop (DefaultPlayStop)”. I then assigned the keyboard combination Ctrl+4 to “Apply Macro - playx”.

This starts playing my audio at the current cursor position. :smiley: There is a limitation that it won’t start the macro while the audio is playing, so this trick cannot be used in every instance. :frowning: