keyboard shortcut issue

ok, I can already see that this will be "fun"getting to work in this new version.

I use A LOT the Insert Silence command (on average 100 times in one edit) and so had a keyboard shortcut set for this to speed it up, as I usually work very fast, so can’t go every time to the top menu etc… The shortcut was Alt+S.

Now this shortcut is allocated to something else, but the worst part is that I am unable to set this shortcut, or any other keyboard shortcut for Silence, nor can I find any existing shortcut to insert Silence.

I really need this shortcut badly, otherwise my workflow will be significantly slowed down, so PLEASE provide the solution how can I set it up.

If it is no loner possible to set a keyboard shortcut for SILENCE (and if so - why?) - please provide a link to the previous version.


*** UPDATE***



My apology.

This is the THIRD glitch today that has fixed by itself!!!

NOW i was able to set this shortcut!

is there anyone out there who can remove gremlins / curses from the PCs?..