Keyboard shortcut for Time Shifting fractions of a second

I’m guessing not, but is there a possible keyboard shortcut for time shifting a selection by some pre-determined amount left or right?

What’s happening is I’m adding and removing segments in a show and I’d like to be able to shift them using the keyboard. Using the mouse seems clumsy for really small amounts. It might be easier if I turned off the snap to feature, but that’s just way too useful usually to turn off. and that would still only partially make it easier to use the mouse.


There are a lot of tools for this kind of thing, but most of them aren’t entirely precise or, if they are, they are a little clumsy or not single button strokes.

You can click where you want to start things off and use shift+arrow key to select an amount of time. This is fast and easy, but imprecise. The amount of time done in one arrow press is determined -entirely- by the length of the VISIBLE track on the screen. If it’s 2 hours on there, your jump will be very large. One second on screen and it’ll be absolutely minuscule.

On the bottom of audacity is a set of bars. One has a drop down menu, just to the right of audio position. You can choose something like ‘start and end of selection’ and tell it exactly where the start and end of selection are. You can choose start and length, as another example, to have the start be wherever you’ve clicked your mouse on your track, and your end to be a length of time you determine by manually imputing it below.

Personally I find it very easy and convenient, provided that I zoom in far enough. I use “Ctrl + Mouse wheel” for zooming in/out.

An alternative way to shift audio a precise amount the the right, is to click on the track to the left of the audio clip that you want to move, then generate a bit of silence (Generate menu > Silence). This allows you to type the exact amount that you want.