keyboard shortcut for split tracks?

I’m looking for a keyboard shortcut for split tracks. Couldn’t find one under Edit> Preferences> keyboard.

Another different question:
After opening the amplify box, I always have to mark V for allow clipping. Is there a way to let it be marked automatically?


The keyboard shortcut reference is in the manual here:
I think you are probably looking for Ctrl+i

No. The “Allow Clipping” is automatically not selected. Generally this option should not be selected because it can cause permanent and irreparable distortion due to clipping.
If you need to make a track louder than Amplify will allow without enabling “Allow Clipping” then you should use dynamic compression (

Hi Steve.
Thanks for the reply.

I actually meant to split stereo track which is under the Track Drop-Down Menu, not the one you reffered to. As I understand it, the best related keyboard shortcut is shift + M which opens the menu mentioned above. Therefore there’s no direct keyboard shortcut for split stereo track.

or the “context key” (menu key) followed by T or N depending on whether you want to split to Left and Right or split to two mono tracks.