Keyboard shortcut for "split stereo to mono"?

I’ve looked around “everywhere” for a keyboard shortcut sequence to activate the “split stereo to mono” command, which seems to only be on the track drop-down menu. But I couldn’t figure out any path to it: I can’t get the track drop-down via keyboard, and the command is not in the Track menu.

Is there a way to do this? Or can it be added into a forthcoming release?

I suppose I’m asking about both a keyboard shortcut for the track drop-down, and a keyboard shortcut for the “split stereo to mono” command, which maybe also should be included in the Track menu.

With the track selected, press the "Menu key" (usually on the right side of the keyboard between the right Windows logo key and the right Control key, or between the right Alt key and the right Control key), then press “N”.

Thanks. Works fine.

And had I read the documentation more thoroughly before, I would also have found the Shift-M shortcut for the drop-down menu. But Menu key is easier.

Shift+M, thanks, I knew there was another one but I didn’t remember what it was off the top of my head. :wink:

Resurrecting an old thread!

Does this work on Windows?

Will this work on all tracks if all tracks are highlighted?

Realated question - how do I select multipel tracks, but not all tracks? Like 2,3 and 4 but not 1.


It works on Windows as well, if you have a Menu key. If you don’t have a menu key, use SHIFT + M.

But there is some confusion here. Menu key or SHIFT + M work only on the focused track (the one that has the yellow border), not the selected tracks(s).

No, see above.

Hold SHIFT while using UP arrow or DOWN arrow to select/deselect adjacent tracks, or UP or DOWN arrow then ENTER if non-adjacent.

Or SHIFT-click in the Track Information Panel (where it says “Hz”) on the multiple tracks you want to select or deselect. See How do I extend or move the selected region into other tracks?.