Keyboard recording is garbled.

I am using a Yahama piaggera to record a song on my HP desktop computer using windows. I click the recording button on Audacity and make a recording, but when I play it back the recording is garbled. It sounds like it’s in an echo chamber and the notes cut off suddenly (even though I’m playing it with the sustain peddle). I find that the same thing happens when I sing. The sound is garbled and cut off. What am I doing or not doing. I just bought a new sound card, a PCI express sound blaster, thinking that was the reason, but the same thing is happening.

Windows machines screw up music with the idea of making conferencing voices and Skype clearer. You can turn those tools off in Windows Control Panels.


Thanks for your reply, K. I’m not that computer savy. Could you tell me how to do what you’re suggesting? How do I go to the control panel and what tools should I adjust there? Thanks.

Step by step instructions are in the link that Koz posted.