Keyboard problem!!

Hi evereybody, I recently bought a MIDI keyboard and I immedeately connected it to audacity so that I could record something.
Everything worked perfectly until I tried to add a new track to the song and I found out that it couldn’t be done… It appeared a message “unanticipated host error”. I honestly don’t know what that means so I tried a bunch of different stuff like changing the frequency of the recording, checking all the cables and my audio interface but nothing worked…
Can anybody help me? I’m desperate​:sob::sob:

:frowning: Audacity cannot record MIDI input, only import and play MIDI files. See here:,then%20recognize%20as%20keyboard%20shortcuts.

I recommend that you do a google search on “how to use a midi keyboard in windows 10”. :smiley:

MIDI isn’t music. MIDI is machine control. So the job is to make the keyboard play a machine with MIDI software, like Windows, to make music and then make Audacity record Windows.

There is one really odd duck problem with MIDI management. The sound isn’t coming from MIDI. The sound is coming from the machine that MIDI is playing. So if your song calls for instrument number 24 (Guitar) on three different machines, you could get three different guitars.

There’s a less obvious problem where you can’t start with a musical performance by somebody else and
“convert” it to MIDI. You can make a MIDI song with your MIDI keyboard.

I’m not so sure how you might play harmony with yourself. Overdubbing may be out of play. You can make a backing track by playing your keyboard to Windows and then make Windows play to Audacity. But the second track means Audacity has to play the backing track to your headphones while you play the second track to Windows and to Audacity.

I don’t think you can do that. Someone will correct me.


Thank you so much for your help!! It’s so nice knowing you can count on other fellow musicians/producers… In the end I just had to update audacity to the 2.4.2 version (it made me feel stupid)
Thanks again :smiley: