Keeps crashing

Hello, I’m on High Sierra and using Audacity 2.4.1.

I’m trying to edit a podcast and have 2-3 tracks and editing and my Audacity keeps crashing.
There is an error report but I’m not sure how to read it/what to look for.
When I reopen Audacity they ask me if I want to recover - I say yes, and save it immediately before I do anything.
But then within 1-2 minutes it crashes again.

Can you advise what to look for?

Thank you!

Step 1 - reset Audacity’s settings using the instructions here:
Then open the project and try to do some editing.

If that doesn’t work we can assume there is a problem with the project itself.

Step 2
Open the project, but don’t try to do any editing.
(We’re going to export each track as an AIFF, then import those files into a new project)
Do File > Export > Export Multiple

  • choose a place to save the files
  • set Format to AIFF
  • Set “Split files based on:” to “Tracks”
  • If your tracks do not have unique names, set “Name files:” to “Numbering before Label/Track name”
  • click “Export”

When the export is finished, close the project, make a New project, then import the files into the new project.

– Bill

Hi Bill, Thank you so much for your help. Sorry, I didn’t realize there’s a comment on this thread until today.

I’m working on a different project from the one I originally posted about in my OP, but having a same problem so I came back here to find your comment.

First of all, resetting Audacity did nothing.

What happens is (I produce podcasts), when I line up several tracks and when I try to record something it crashes.

I did try your Step 2 and so far it is working. I recored something on top of the project, and it did not crash and it lets me keep working on it.

I have 2 podcasts. Few days ago I worked on the other podcast project (let’s call it podcast B)and had no issue. Just edit as usual, add some music, and export.
Today I started on the other podcast (the one I had problem with initially on June 19 - Podcast A) - different episode.
As soon as I line up the tracks (interview and music) then try to add new track where I make commentary, it crashes.

I have a weird feeling maybe it’s related to the music track I insert? (opening theme music) Could it be possible?

Anyway, sorry for rambling on, I don’t think it’s the Audacity issue because I managed to work on Podcast B fine, but when i try to work on Podcast A, it crashes. Both are interview style podcast where I use recorded conversation from zoom, but the difference is the opening theme song and language (which i don’t think anything to do with the issue).

I am happy the current podcast A project is working, however what happens when I work on the next week’s episode? Do I have to do the same export as AIFF? Ideally I’d like to solve this so that I don’t have to do the export every time I work on podcast A.

Thank you so much.

Glad you got it working.

From your description is sounds like the AUP file for the “original podcast A” was corrupted. That’s why I asked you to export all the tracks and bring them into a new project.

– Bill

Would you mind attaching the AUP file of the project that kept crashing (podcast A?) to a reply in this thread? There is no audio in the AUP file, just a bunch of text that tells Audacity how to line everything up. If we can figure out what is wrong with the AUP file it may help us squash a bug.


– Bill