Keep Tracks Scynchronized

I prerecord my radio programs at home for uploading to the radio station. In doing this I find myself haveing to spend an awful lot of time and effort in continuously clicking on the Keep Tracks Scynchronized option.
The process I have been taught is to:

  1. Select a music track from my music program
  2. Move the track into Audacity
  3. Turn Off Scync
  4. Cut
  5. Go to where I wish to paste the music track and turn Sync back on
  6. Paste
    This is 6 different opeations to move a single track into Audacity and my typical program contains 35 or so tracks. That equates to 210 or so times of moving my mouse back and forth. As you can imagine as I do 3 programs a week that is a lot of mousing about :frowning:
    I suppose I should first ask, Is this the right way to do this??? It is how I was taught to do it.
    If so, Would it be Possible to assign one of the “F” keys to perform the operation of turning track scynchornization On and Off???

I’m not sure I fully understand your workflow, but I wonder if you could make use of the concept of “sync-locked track groups”, setting up a temporary track which is not synced to the other - saving you from turning sync-lock off and on. See for details.

Mate, I’m afraid your explanation is beyond my comprehension. Sorry, Old Man!, from the picture you sent it seems this process is far more than what I would need.
Sure wish I knew how to post the video I made here.
Anyway my issue is I just have to move the mouse a multitude of times in order to get it from MediaMonkey into Audacity and this revolves around continually having to turn the Sync-Lock on and off. I set F4 to turn on and off sync-lock. It just seems to me that there is an awful lot of mousing about.
I think that I’m probably not explaining myself well enough - comes with Age - So for the time being I shall just keep doing what I am doing - Thanks to All for trying to help

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