Keep losing ability to import m4a/mpeg-4 files

I have Audacity 2.0.5 running on Windows 7. Have downloaded the LAME/FFmpeg library several times and activated the application, and normally have no problems importing mpeg-4 or m4a files - except periodically, like today, when suddenly Audacity won’t recognize the file. This has happened twice now and I’ve had to re-download the library, but today the re-download and re-install isn’t fixing the problem. Audacity is recognizing them as AAC files. In my Lame for Audacity folder in Windows the only files dated today I see are what look to be uninstall files: ‘unins000.dat’ DAT file, and ‘unins000’ application.

Why does Audacity seem to randomly drop its ability to handle mpeg-4/m4a files, what are these files in my Lame folder, and why isn’t the re-install working? Thanks.

AAC is M4A.

LAME is only used for creating MP3 files. It’s not used for opening any type of file.

Thanks for the exact information.

What happens exactly? Do you drag the files into Audacity and you see “Error Importing is an Advanced Audio Coding file”?

This could indicate the file is DRM-protected so that only an authorised application such as iTunes or a web radio program can play it. I don’t know because I don’t have such a file to test that. If a file import fails you can open Help > Show Log… to see if FFmpeg attempted the file, and open the Libraries Preferences then press “Locate…” to right of “FFmpeg Library” to see if Audacity says the libraries are detected.

If the libraries are detected then the problem is with the file.


Thanks for the prompt replies. I’m not sure what was going on yesterday - either I was in a temporary moron state and kept clicking on the wrong link (FFmpeg/Lame) or somehow the file wasn’t downloading. I’m quite certain at least a couple of times I was clicking on the ‘FFmpeg_v0.6.2_for_Audacity’ link. Are there two download pages? I’d like to think I’m not an idiot. Anyway, now know what to look for in my folders so will watch to see if this library disappears again in a couple of weeks, or if it was just some confusion on my part.

We only link to one “recommended” download site, the one listed on Audacity Manual .