Kazoo effect

A simple distortion effect similar to a kazoo.
May be used on voice or any other audio.

Installation instructions: http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Download_Nyquist_Plug-ins#Installing_Plug-ins
kazoo.ny (1.07 KB)
Current version kazoo.ny

Did you copy this to the poster looking for this effect? I posted a “just OK” solution using existing tools.

They were right, this is a terrific way to strip away all the fluff and get straight to why announcers/presenters get paid and you don’t.


Yes. The effect was written in response to this post: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/adding-a-kazoo-effect/27950/1
I’ve posted a link to this topic in that topic.
What do you think to this kazoo effect?

Since I’m still at work (1600h), I’ll need to get home for testing so people don’t give me funny looks. I mean more than normal funny looks.

I found as I’m sure you did, that it’s remarkably tough to trash a voice enough to achieve this goal. Preserve the swing and general intonation and eliminate everything else. Oh, and put an edge on it so it doesn’t sound like sticky mud.


The initial version only worked with mono tracks. The new version works with mono or stereo.

Here’s a new version which has an option for a horn (like a Kazobo)

kazoo.ny (1.24 KB)

I’m experiencing an intermittent error with that (1.24 KiB) version …
''kazoo'' 1-24Kb error message on default settings.gif
Once the error has occurred even returning the controls to previous settings which worked now gives an error message without modifying the sound.

I’m not able to reproduce the problem.
Could you try running the effect using the “Debug” button. If it fails it should show some debug information. Please copy and paste any debug output to your reply.

I’m not using the latest Audacity version: it’s Audacity 1.3.11 running on windows Vista.

debug output below

error: bad integer operation
Function: #<Subr-SQRT: #5263df0>
Function: #<FSubr-SETQ: #5267cc0>
(- 11 (SQRT HORN))
1> error: unbound variable - RES
if continued: try evaluating symbol again
Function: #<FSubr-SETF: #5262340>
Function: #<Subr-SQRT: #5263df0>
Function: #<FSubr-SETQ: #5267cc0>
(- 11 (SQRT HORN))
2> #(#<Sound: #e971408> #<Sound: #e971048>)
2> 1>

the effect does work intermittently : it does not always produce an error.

I think that is due to an old Nyquist bug that has now been fixed.
Please try this version:
kazoo.ny (1.46 KB)

All my attempts to break it have failed.

[ I did try Audacity 2.0 but had a frustrating experience with the new noise reduction controls which made me revert to the old version. I’ll have another go at 2.0 when I have time to learn ]

Good, that’s what I like to hear :smiley:
Thanks for testing it.