I recently downloaded the 2.0.2 version of audacity and in this context I have a few questions:

1.As I have a large amount of MP3 files on my PC which are just orchestrations without leading vocals. I have up to now used outprinted versions of the lyrics when I was asked to sing on family or other occasions. So this is my first question:
can Audacity provide the possibility to have the lyrics being linked to the MP3 files (karaoke like) and how can this been done?

  1. Can Audacity when 1 is possible arrange that the output volume of each song is equalised (as I have experieced that the output level of most of the backing tracks have a different output level)?

  2. I would like to encode my projects, if 1 is possible, like french/english/german/dutch/italian/spanisch etc…

Thank you in advance for your help! And sorry for the school english!

Johan Busschop

You can put karaoke lyrics into an Audacity project so that they display when you play the project in Audacity, but inputting the lyrics is quite a lot of work and Audacity projects will only play in Audacity.
See here for Karaoke view: Audacity Manual
See here for adding labels: Audacity Manual

MP3 files do not directly support karaoke lyrics, though some media players (such as iTunes and Windows Media Player) can add or import lyrics into the MP3 metadata. iTunes can display lyrics just as a lyric sheet (no automatic scrolling). WMP can display the lyrics with automatic scrolling, but you need to manually synchronise the lyrics to the music.
See here for adding and synchronising lyrics in WMP: Windows Media Player - Microsoft Support

There is also a plug-in for WinAmp, WMP and iTunes called “Lyricsseeker” that looks really cool in demos that I’ve seen on YouTube but I’ve not tried it because of the really bad reviews here: Lyrics Seeker Plug-ins - Free download and software reviews - CNET Download

There is another plug-in called MiniLyrics that uses lyrics in the LRC format. MiniLyrics is usually regarded as nagware (it nags until you pay for it).



I still have problems using Audacity as a karaoke device.
I would like to create a project called for instance “Karaoke”. To do this my raw material is made of mp3 songs and corresponding text files (on computer) which I would call “label” for instance label “La Mama” by Charles Aznavour. I don’t seem to be able to link the sound file and the text file together as a karaoke song! When this problem is solved I would like all my labels beeing listed alphabetically within Audacity, is that possible?
My final question is then if what I asked for is possibly can I change the output level and tone hight in one global movement?

Thanks for

One question at a time please, or it will be too confusing.

The Audacity karaoke feature is described here: Audacity Manual