Karaoke Song

Hi all

I had download music video from youtube and convert it to mp3.

I would like to creating karaoke mp3 by removing the vocal but after trying some tutorials from youtube the vocal still exist.

How to remove the vocal completely ?


Here is the Audacity manual page on the subject: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/tutorial_vocal_removal_and_isolation.html

Note particularly the first paragraph:

This page describes techniques which, on > some > stereo tracks, > may > allow you to remove or isolate vocals (or other parts of a recording) from the rest. There is no universal, reliable way of doing this without having the original multi-track recordings. Different tracks will require different techniques to achieve maximum possible attenuation or isolation. This will depend on where the vocals are positioned in the stereo field, and on their frequency content compared to the rest of the audio.

If you can’t find a Karaoke version of the song (which you may have to pay for if the song is copyrighted), look for a MIDI version.

With MIDI, the instrument-sounds are computer-generated when you play the file and there are no vocals in MIDI. If the song is copyrighted, whoever distributes the MIDI version is supposed to pay a royalty too, but not everybody follows the rules and you can find free MIDI versions of lots of copyrighted songs.