Kanye west effect?

Im a big Kanye fan, and i noticed a lot of his songs from “808’s and Heartbreak” have a sort of distinctive effect.
I am not talking about Autotune but for example: “Love lockdown” and “Amazing” sound kind of muffled and a little distorted…what effect is that? If you know, i’d appreciate it.

Most of that is pure tone-skipping autotune, but there’s also that furry effect you might be able to replicate with Effect > Leveler or Effect > Hard Limiter, followed maybe by a little Effect > Equalize to mute the harsher overtones. Instead of that, maybe Effect > Low Pass set to 5KHz or 8KHz. The AM Radio effect.



IMO It’s still a pitch-correction autotune-type effect , just with different subtler settings than Cher / T-Pain.

In places the pitch-correction of the voice is being overridden by melody, (which I don’t think is possible on Audacity).

Some vibrato added too, ( can be added via the pitch-correction effect ).

Steve’s vibrato effect for Audacity may be worth a try … https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/off-center-filter/20260/3
before-after Steve's TremVib on vibrato (triangle).gif

I know theres autotune…that wasnt my question? i was asking for the muffled voice effect

A muffled effect can be achieved by reducing the higher frequencies, (e.g. 4KHz and higher), which can be done with Audacity’s equalizer, (aka low-pass filter).
muffler EQ.gif

There’s also a rough character to it. That’s why I also added the limiter/clipper effects in addition to the low pass filter. Do the clippers first, so the low pass filter will smooth over the edges. That should give you “Smooth Fur” on the sound instead of raspy “fuzz tone.”

This has come up before in another post and other singer. Apparently, it’s popular.