Jumpy cursor when editing

Windows 10 - audacity 2.3.0
I have edited audio files (audiobook recordings) with Audacity for many years without problems. But recently, ( a week or 10 days) when editing a file my Select ion Tool has become very erratic, jumping around. When trying to drag to highlight a section it will jump to another spot for no reason; then suddenly start replaying at the beginning, then select the whole track and back again. Basically I can’t select any of the track because it just won’t stay; it begins then moves to another section.
I call this “jumpy cursor” for want of a better term. It has never happened before to me.

I have saved the .aup file in case it was the memory, but it continues to do it. I have closed Audacity and on reopening the track again it works for several seconds (the selector allows me to drag over a sect ion) but then begins the jitters. Only one track is open at a time.

Any suggestions at all? I can’t edit my files with this jittery jumping cursor having fun at my expense. :question:

Always ready with a straw for folks to clutch at, I report that …
I have a similar problem on another laptop, A Win7 DELL that I bought some ten years ago. The mousepad is flaky. Probably full of toast-crumbs. When I gently stroke it to re-align the cursor the movement is erratic, and I spend up to ten seconds trying to align the tip of the mouse pointer on a control button the size of a DNA molecule.
Since I am a keyboard junkie I am not too worried, but for web pages especially, where no keyboard access to a control is possible, I draw on every French expletive at my command.
Cheers, Chris

I assume you have tried rebooting your machine…

I draw on every French expletive at my command.

– It’s certainly an advantage to be able to express yourself in at least two languages.

– Everything sounds better in French.

The mousepad is flaky.

Nobody wrote you can’t add a Wireless Mouse, Wireless Pointing Device, or even a Wired Mouse. That’s less useful if you use your laptop in the field, but that is one solution. I have one very old laptop that is perfectly functional except for a ratty touchpad. It’s used in a phone recording system, DVD player, and other non-critical applications.


True, Koz, true!
I rest my hopes on finding the wired mouse when the contractor comes to install eight new windows, at which time each room will have to be packked into boxes and then unpacked; maybe my wired mouse will turn up in the upheaval (sick grin)
Cheers, Chris

After many years using cheap mice, I bought a $30 (Tecknet) wireless mouse last year, and it’s worth every penny. If you are thinking of buying a new mouse, I’d highly recommend getting something above the bargain shelf, and look for one with good battery life (If it doesn’t say what the expected battery life is, it’s probably bad).