Jumping to Specific Point in Track

Hi, There are 2 major problems that me and 2 of my friends always have with audacity, which actually should be very simple and basic because they are very handy and useful, but by some reason we can not figure out how to do them. Please help us with them :

1- Jumping straight to a Stored Cursor Position

2- Jumping to a specific point (Time : hh;mm;ss) in a Track

U know this question might be very basic and stupid, so excuse us because we are not experts yet :slight_smile:

This works with either just a cursor position, or (more commonly) a selected region:

To store the cursor position / selected region:
“Select (menu) > Region > Store Selection”

To retrieve the stored position / selected region:
“Select (menu) > Region > Retrieve Selection”
(See: Select Menu: Region - Audacity Manual)

Type the required time into the “Start” time control of the Selection Toolbar.
See: Selection Toolbar - Audacity Manual

Thanks Steve, I checked the first one : I stored cursor position and then I moved the cursor to another point and then [Region-> Retrieve Selection], But it did not jump to stored cursor position ?!

I’ve just tested with the current version (Audacity 2.3.3) and it works.
Note that playback must be stopped when storing the selection / cursor position.

If you have an older version of Audacity, you can get the current version via the Audacity website: https://www.audacityteam.org/download/windows/

Thanks Steve, But I have 2.3.3 as well and I checked it again and it does not work !! Are you sure that it works for a single point just as for a region ??
again that’s what I do :
1- put the cursor at a certain position
2- Store current position
3- move the cursor to another position
4- Retrieve Selection

Yes. I’ve just tested with Audacity 2.3.3 on Windows 10 Home.

Ok, I just realized what happened Steve, Looks like you got misunderstood. I was talking about “Select (menu) → Store Cursor Position” Not “Select (menu) > Region > Store Selection” ! That one is not working, Can you check it please ?

No Response for me ?!

It works for me, but it does not do what you were originally asking about.

The purpose of “Select > Store Cursor Position” and “Select > Cursor to Stored Cursor Position” is not to “jump to a stored cursor position”. It is to “Select to a stored cursor position”. The commands are described in the manual here: Select Menu - Audacity Manual

I don’t understand how you say it works for you, because jumping to a specific position (which has been stored) is something very useful and handy that anyone would need it at some points for editing the tracks. Actually this is the second time which I am really surprised that “How” Audacity with too many advanced features is not capable to do something very basic and simple in a a very simple and efficient way ?! (the first one was about my other post from few months ago about jumping to Next Dropout which was a very similar situation).
I really wish that the developer’s team would consider these 2 issues and address them in the next version and make Audacity much more efficient and user-friendly.


As I’ve already said, Audacity can do that. “Select (menu) > Region > Store Selection”

That is Not the answer to my original question and that is Not the solution to what I want to do ! Consider this very simple scenario :

How can I Store a specific position, So I can “Paste” a part of track (which has been Cut before) directly to that specific point, Without having to navigate through the whole track, then zoom, and then use arrow keys ALL to do the same thing ?! Another word, Can I Store an specific position and then Paste a part of track directly to that Stored Position ??

This is a very common task which everybody who is editing tracks has to deal with that every single day, Does your work-around solution work for this too ??

Like this?