Jumping to a specific Label


I looked through various threads and was not able to find if there was a way to jump to a specific Label.

Here is my issue.

When I load an audio file, I use “Tools>Regular Interval Labels” to add a sequential Label every 60 seconds. I name them L-001, L-002, … Then I duplicate the original track and the label track and minimize the original track and original label track. After I have made numerous cuts and changes to the audio in the working track (making sure that Sync-Lock tracks is on), I might need to grab some of the original audio. Using the Labels associated with the working track, I have a reference to go back to the original track to look for the corresponding Label and pull audio from that section. But I need to scroll around the original track until I get to the Label (and then the working track when I go back to it). It would be useful if I could search for a specific Label, say L-036, so that I don’t need to keep scrolling through the audio to get to where I want.

Is there a feature that would allow me to do that?



What I would do is the zoom out (https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/zooming.html) using “Ctrl + Mouse wheel” so that I can see the label (and if necessary, drag the bottom edge of the label track down to make the track taller). Then click in the label that I want.